Deleting the blog installation

Regular visitors will notice some changes to the site today.

Over the last few months the number of spam comments have dramatically increased. Whilst Akismet keeps most of this away, I thought it about time I made some changes to the database and servers.

So welcome to the new look blog! I’m starting with a clean wordpress install, and then re-importing some of the old content – mainly the more technical articles. This will take me a few days, so sorry if something you are looking for isn’t available immediately.

Where did I start

In my previous site, I talked about watching a talk by Steven Goodwin at Barcamp Berkshire. He’s been into Home Automation for quite a while now, and his system is based around a X10 for network. X10 has been around for a while (since 1975 apparently) and despite its critics it still remains one of the dominant protocols used today. But as I knew from doing a little reading, it’s far from the only contender. Continue reading